Message for Education & Healing 2018 from Master Dean Li


Hello everyone and a warm welcome!

The world is in a state of permanent evolution – that is the natural principle, that is the human ambition. 

Now, a quantum jump of a very special kind took place. Through technology, the internet, artificial intelligence and globalization, a new level was created which had never happened to such an extent in human history before. 

Our way of life is constantly changing and due to the strong focus on the worldly evolution, it can hardly be expected that the spiritual development is keeping up. 

That is why it has to be our duty to connect the visible with the invisible and to keep it as a unit, so we can live with each other in the highest possible energy.

The natural law says that the new continuously replaces the old. In Chinese it says 长江后浪推前浪: In the Chang Jiang river, the front waves are pushed by the back ones. 

So one generation follows the next one, no matter if we think this is good or not – it does not make sense to hold on to something anyway.
Which possibility can we choose other than to let go and follow the Dao?

Development means to stay in the flow. To trust in the love the universe has for us – it is boundless for everyone.
If some windows in our life are closed, other doors will open. 

What is clearly visible in this spirit of time, originates following the natural law from the younger generation, whereas our generation forms its backbone. 

Take advantage of the current possibility and keep up with the present, so life won’t collapse and can remain in balance.

What I do, is invisible.
It arises from the unity of everything: from heart to heart, from spirit to spirit, everything is in harmony. 

To let you feel this energy, so that a quantum jump can take place, I intentionally will not be physically present at this seminar.
I will pass on the invisible through the new generation and also directly to you, so it will be visible. There is no separation, everything happens in parallel, everything already exists. 

Life is life and evolution is evolution.
Man has always been on the search for the principle of immortality. Nowadays, science is so far that we might be able to experience it. 

Spiritual development also belongs to it.

Overcome illness and death until harmony between heaven and man is created. 

The effect of the spirit can not be put into words, it is shown to us as a feeling and warmth in the heart.
When our feeling is clearer and more truthful through the harmony of body, soul and spirit, we will perceive our life differently – and it will actually be different. 

In order to achieve this aim and to rise onto a higher level, the attention of this retreat is directed to encourage our spirit to that effect and to train our feeling. 

Depending on the own development, challenges of the daily life and karmic duties from former times can be solved. 

Our method is so easy, so effective.
It will increase our quality of life, so we can live harmoniously together with each other as well as with the universe. It makes our world even more peaceful and content. 

Modern technology makes our life more practical and can improve it.

However, the value of opening our heart and become more empathic, is infinitely greater.
Without spirituality, technology alone can not make us happy.

Let us practice together and improve the quality of our lives.
Let us create this miracle through a collective quantum jump.
It only works together.

Dean Li


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