The world originally perfect and the only one truth


photo: Ralf Buscher

Jianyong Yang in the seminar „Healing and Education“, explaining common features of DEAN METHOD, ancient culture and modern science and technology – photo: Ralf Buscher

DEAN METHOD is a way of life suitable for modern man.

DEAN METHOD improves people’s quality of life through both healing and education at the same time. Healing helps us to cure our hurt from the past, while education helps to manage our future. DEAN METHOD helps you cure from illness and make you stronger. It is simple and easy to learn and practice for everyone. You can practice while walking, standing, sitting or lying down, whatever is suitable for your needs, without any requirement at the form. DQD (DEAN QIGONG DIRECT) of DEAN METHOD, a kind of treatment beyond time and space, is available anytime and anywhere. You stay at your place and it works, without the limits of time and space, not necessary for you to spend much time and go to a specified place. This brings great convenience for modern people. In this era of rapid development, people’s spirit gets easily anxious, phobic and nervous. DEAN METHOD helps us to clearly recognize ourselves, to get inner peace, to manage our life and career well.

DEAN METHOD, rooted in the ancient culture, and blooms in the modern civilization. Through the exercise of DEAN METHOD, we can feel the power from the ancient culture. The experiences lead us directly to know the truth beyond any words could tell. We can understand the world better as described in the ancient culture through the practice. For example, we get profound experience during practice on the saying of “Jing, Qi, Shen” in medical classics, „Yin Yang and the five elements“ and “Unity of nature and human” in Taoist classics and „Karma“ in Buddha classics, and so on.

Quantum physics is a great leap forward after the classical physics in human cognition. The theories and applications of quantum entanglement, quantum jump, and quantum state superposition and collapse, and so on, have broadened people’s understanding of the world. Though the principle of interaction beyond the space-time in quantum communication has puzzled scientists, but we can realize its existence and feel it miraculously during the treatment and practice of DEAN METHOD.

DEAN METHOD practice could inspire you to understand ancient culture easily.

DEAN METHOD practice could inspire you to learn quantum physics better.

If you have already understood both of them, you will find naturally how good and meaningful it is to practice DEAN METHOD!

DEAN METHOD looks like a bridge between the ancient culture and modern science, which confirms the ancient culture, and implies and contains the theory of modern science and technology at the same time.

Our perception of the world determines our quality of life. Expanding the cognition of the world increases our FuQi (luck), and at the same time eliminates our karma, so as to bring a better quality of life for us.

Through DEAN METHOD, we know the world as described in ancient culture, and understand the world as described by modern science.

You will find that the world has originally been perfect and there is always only one truth.

author Xiaobao Liu
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