Building happiness energy together
Harmony is the key to healing

„FuQi originally comes from the cosmos.
FuQi connects our hearts.
All living beings live for FuQi.
We live for our FuQi.
All diseases, pains, worries, karma are melted in FuQi.
All joy, love, hope, wisdom grow in FuQi.“

Master Dean Li

FuQi – the energy of happiness

FuQi is cosmic energy of good luck. We experience it, for example, in fortunate coincidences and unexpected help – or when we are doing the right thing at the right moment, when at the right time the right thing happens, or when a problem solves itself. At these moments, we often think: “This is coming directly from heaven”, and we are happy and grateful that a problem is solved in this way without much effort on our side.

The Chinese character “fu”, translated: “luck”.
Calligraphy by Master Dean Li

Building up FuQi together

Like the Zhen Qi (genuine qi) or the Yuan Qi (original qi), FuQi is coming from the Tao, and it can be built up by practicing DEAN Method. This method enables us to connect to the Tao and also to connect with others. In this unity, we can be blessed with FuQi. It can grow in the harmony between ourselves and others – in the balanced unity of two, three or many, in relationships, families, teams, for example. The harmony comes from exchange: from the balancing flow of energy between the people in the unity. The more people are harmoniously connected in a unity, the greater the FuQi.

“Without practicing we do not feel FuQi.
Without practicing we cannot connect to FuQi.
Without practicing we cannot build up FuQi”,

explains Master Li.

Uta Devries, the author of this text, runs the FuQi blog.

„If we assume that money is the currency of this world,

then FuQi is the currency of our universe.

It always accompanies us

from the past into the present and into the future.“ 

Master Dean Li