Can I myself do something for me? For example press meridian points, sing the sounds for the organs, take herbs and so on?

Yes, you can do that if you already know a lot about it.
Even more, it is very good and important to be able to help yourself.
That is the ambition – a path on which you learn and gain experiences.

Do you still remember what it means to press the meridian points, what it means to sing the sounds for the organs, how it works?
Some report, they are singing and pressing, yet nothing happens, others are successful in doing it.
That has to do with your general state, with your overall life energy.
If you still have enough energy left in favor for it yourself, you can work well with it and increase it further.
If you are momentarily lacking this energy, it is very hard to increase the energy, let it flow and balance the energy simply by mechanically pressing the points.
Once you are already lacking this energy, you, of course, cannot be in contact with it and with the right feeling for it. The same holds true for singing the sounds for the organs, using herbs and so on..

Like the Chinese Medicine teaches us, it is all about acting in a preventive kind of way. If you only ask what you can do for yourself from misery, you have already exhausted your own limits. To then help yourself by pressing the meridien points, singing the sounds for the organs, using herbs or take other methods of assistance is usually already too late.
Eventually, somewhere down your life something inside you got out of balance without you noticing it and has become an unfavorable cycle which should be discontinued, interrupted.
If you did not manage to make an energetically correction in time yourself, you may need some help, if possible.