Can you help me?

Yes, I can help you.
For me, all problems and questions are simply energy and information.
They flow and operate through us.
Our frame of mind, physically as well as spiritually, is directly linked to the flow of this energy.
To live a fulfilled and contented life, it is necessary that this energy flows harmoniously.
For most problems there are reasons, which are very old, rigid and hidden.
For you they do not appear in the visible zone anymore, yet they influence your life in its external aspects very much.
That is why your expectations and wishes for solutions are often very strong.
This is humane, normal and understandable.
Replying to your enquiries, I give the very best for everyone without any exception with regard to what is possible and necessary for the moment from the spiritual point of view. That is my duty and my responsibility.

The flow of the energy is fathomless, and so are the accompanying phenomenons to this process not always what you may expect them to be. This is also normal and not always possible to avoid. Even if it might be exhausting for you from time to time, it belongs to and is part of the real path.
It is essential that you accept those settings and incidents, even though you might not understand them for now. My help for your life projects has its greatest effect when you accept it from the bottom of your heart.
I gladly accompany you, if you wish me to do so.
The path itself of course you have to tread and walk all by yourself.

To take some help from me also means that you, as the person seeking help, have to give your very best.
If you come along with a calm heart and with patience and if you listen carefully, the disruptions will minimize and the energy to solve your problems can unfold unhindered and with the pace that is right for the moment.
In other words: I help you so you can help yourself.
That is how a deeply rooted bond arises between us which only needs little or no external contact with me as a person.