How can I retain and build up my energy?

To retain and to build up the own vitality – that is the life’s work par excellence.

What do you think where your life comes from?
All life is coming from some origin.
Depending on what you think and believe in, the view differentiates on how your life began: physically as an human being or as a spiritual being.

Whatever may be your point of view, the moment you come into life your life energy also comes along with it and enables you to live.
The energy for the physical body is like the assets on a savings account given to you for your life’s journey. Every single one gets his own amount of energy which is being determined by prenatal developments.
Usually, these assets of energy are completely sufficient to enable a human being to live his life well.

So why do all these problems, which gradually or even suddenly throw you off course and turn your life upside down, arise sooner or later?

The reason is obvious: you more or less lost your life energy.
During the course of your life these “assets” on your life energy’s savings account are normally being used up naturally and are being adapted to your age.
If your “assets” have been spent too quickly and ahead of time instead of retaining and increasing it, what is left may not be sufficient for you to lead your life with contentment and develop further.

Therefore, it is very important and essential to preserve this invisible treasure inside yourself and it is advisable to increase it for your own development during your life out of a deeper meaning.

You are losing your energy due to an increasing imbalance between your three appearances – body, soul and spirit.

It is very advisable to not exceed your own limits on all three levels. These limits correspond to the amount of energy given to you at the beginning of your life.

If the harmonious flow continues between these three energetic spheres you will not lose your life energy and it will be preserved.

That balance can only be maintained or established when you stay calm.

This way the energy will not get lost and you can start to balance it on another level. That means to increase and enlarge your energy in order to develop your life and yourself further and to deepen the quality of your life.

If for you the stabilisation, the continuous flow between your three levels of existence and with it the maintenance of your life energy is not adequately maintained any more, you need some help as a start. In this case you should not wait for too long.