How often and how long shall I ask for help?

What would you do if I tell you: you need it every day, every hour, lifelong?
Everything has to do with possibilities.
That is why it would be best if you realize and decide yourself on how often, in what kind of an interval and for how long you need that support. You will find that information, that feeling within you and it is true, rely on it.

If the access to these informations is blocked and you do not know how many DQD are good and right for you, then you can pass it on and surrender it to me. I will support you spiritually as best as possible and without time frame.

That also applies to DQD you book for a retreat or the like.
Within agreed and regular intervals, for example one week, you have to ask me how much work in form of DQD I have done and decide on how to proceed further.
In total you should pay attention that you order DQD with a calm heart and without any doubt. This also concerns the material side, which is always connected of it.