I get DQD but I do not notice any change at the moment. What is the reason for that?

First, it is important to know that this perception is common and okay.
The main reasons for this are the size of your problem, your present state of energy and the level I have worked on.
You should empathise in yourself: how big is my problem – can I imagine its size? Can I also feel how much energy I have?

What does a problem mean and what makes up its size?
The term “problem” describes a sort of disruption, a blockage which comes either from your inside, from the outside or from both sites.
This disruption you notice is only the surface of a mountain that is still invisible for you.

Imagine an iceberg from which you and I take off the peak. Straight below, there is already a new, deeper layer coming up to the surface as a new peak. That happens as long as the whole iceberg is dissipated…
That is why it may happen that you do not notice any change at the moment. Or else, a new obstruction surfaced and still blocks your flow of energy.

To initiate a change, your blocked and impure energy needs at least an equally sized mountain of new and pure energy.

Often it is also the case, that I first have to clear the way energetically, before I can work with the actual origins of your problems.

Do not worry, I am helping you so you can dissipate your mountain – that is my duty.
The concrete concern with which you came to me can be solved sooner or later, depending on the extent and possibility.

What does it mean to you, when you say that in your opinion no changes occur?
All over this world there is no standstill – everything changes continuously. Maybe you should rather ask yourself, whether your problems or your state of mind have changed by now, but not as much as you have wished for or imagined.
Feel deeply inside yourself and observe what changes in you at the moment. The changes often take place inside you and are not always straight away visible on the outside.

The only important part of it is, that you keep up the connection to the true origin via myself and practice. Whenever necessary, you should get some support through me so that our connection becomes stronger.
Thereby, your whole energy automatically starts to flow on the bodily, mental and spiritual level and shows you bit by bit, what blockages you still carry with you.

Spiritual work is a process, a project. It is a misbelief to assume that such a project can be completed immediately. Although, sometimes that may also be possible.

A big part of the troubles, you bring along with the prenatal energy. There has accumulated a lot which has not been solved, not brought back into balance.

Thus, if nothing changes or not as much as you had wished for, it has to do with your karma. To get good and new energy does not mean that everything changes directly and resolves. Only when you change and solve your karma, your whole state and your problems can change as well. Trough our connection, I am helping you so that you are able to solve your karma.

Practice yourself in patience. The feeling and the thoughts, that nothing changes at the moment, do not bring a solution to it.

The calmer you stay internally, the better the energy can flow. This way you can also observe the process differently and you are able to get in touch with it more deeply. Over time you will get the energy and clarity to examine the whole from a bird’s-eye view.
It is comparable to a highway, on which the surrounding landscape does not change a lot. Examined from above it is easy to recognise, that you are already far away from your starting point and that a lot has changed already.

That also applies when you visit seminars, practice etc. and, in your opinion, notice too little change.