If during a given DEAN exercise own modified movements arise, can I follow them? And if so, can I teach this new form to others?


During my practice with the DEAN Method, sometimes new exercises evolve. This new dynamic changes the whole set procedure and I do something completely different than at the beginning. Doing that, I realize that these newly-evolving exercises are very good for me and the energy can flow more freely.

Referring to that, my questions are:
Is it correct to follow this or shall I stay with the original exercise without changing it? If it is okay to follow these changes, can I also teach these „new exercises“ to others?

Answer by Master Dean Li

This is an important question for all of us. DEAN exercises, which you have learned in the Basic Training (Grundausbildung) and with the partners, are basic exercises for certain themes and tasks. Each of these exercises has its special form, a universal sense and an equivalent symbolism, so that on our way of experiencing knowledge and healing, we can make our first step. Simultaneously, they have a common background: The restoration of the own inner balance, which leads to true self realization and to the contact with the own origin. These exercises are anchored in the source, the spirit of the DEAN Method. As soon as you apply them, you will be connected with this energy and thus get the opportunity to connect with your own spirit and your own information.

It is good to see every exercise as a seed: This can grow – when it is suitable and the conditions are right – into a tree or into another plant. Everything happens individually and in its own rhythm, it can vary and be different with each possibility and at each time. You have experienced exactly that. You have followed the flow of your energy and information and it is right like that. At this moment, this flow was your way. At the beginning it arose from the contact with the DEAN source (basic exercise) and then from your own source (new exercise). Our uniqueness is reflected in the colorful variety of life, which is also visible during our practice. You experience with a DEAN exercise your condition, another student would experience something completely different, own despite the same exercise and so on and so forth. What is good for one, does not have to be good for the other as well. 

For this reason, it is better when everybody stays with oneself and exercises the outer and inner energetic impulses only for oneself, too. Anyhow, do not have thoughts about others and do not compare yourself to others, too, but focus your concentration only on the moment and on that what happens to you.

If you want to teach DEAN exercises to others, do it in the sense of the method, show and explain it exactly like you have been taught by me or by the partners. So everybody will get a chance to start correctly straight away and then to practice authentically in one’s own way, like you do it, too.

On our path it is important, to really only connect with the own true spirit and the own source of information and to integrate this in life. Far too often it is thought that what you think and feel results from the own true spirit, what is not always the case, thus, some things in life get confused. I have already called this state „wrongly -connected“.

The DEAN method is an epiphany of life, your life. Even better said: It is about you and each one, because you and everybody is life itself, unique and incomparable consciousness.