Sometimes at events of the DEAN Method I feel uncomfortable. What is the reason for that?

I understand the DEAN Method and I trust Master Dean Li.

Also, I practice alone on a regular basis…

a) If I go to one or different events of the DEAN Method, I feel uncomfortable in the group, alone, not belonging and so on…Why is that so?

b) Sometimes I even feel physically and/or psychologically unwell or even bad if I meditate or practice the DEAN Method in a group (for example, in retreats, the Energy Circle, seminars, lectures…). What is the reason for that?

I offer the people regularly the possibility to practice the DEAN Method together in a group in the form of various events. These exercises and experiences are an important part of my teachings and are supported and promoted by me. For this reason and for this purpose, I have further developed and adapted this ancient method contemporarily. The common development is always in the foreground. To go ahead together has a much stronger effect than a single advancement – and also brings progress to every single one individually. The more people come together to practice together, the more FuQi and energy can emerge – and the bigger is the effect for everyone being included in that.

FuQi is the term for the fortunate energy which connects our hearts. If you share your FuQi with others, it will return to you frequently.

All official events in the sense of the DEAN Method, are conducted by me energetically and mentally. On this level, they are all in my responsibility. Thus, it all happens independently no matter what people take part or which people lead the event on the outer level.

Many people who come to our events or take part from a distance, want to work on their spiritual development. Speaking of this deep level, I am sure you can imagine that outer conditions result from a very deep meaning. Equally, this includes encounters and situations with people where perhaps you react with psychological or physical feelings.

Referring to this, it is advisable not to concentrate on such circumstances, but to focus all attention on the inner connection with me. If you understand the DEAN Method and – as good as you can – live in accordance with it, it can be as a lighthouse for you, which you can keep an eye out all the time. The light always shows you the truth about yourself and the direction of your path.

The actions or reaction of the others around you are not important at this moment. I support you and every single participant and make sure that the energy is balanced. In order to make this energetic connection effective and to restore the inner harmony again, it is important for you to stay as quiet as possible and to entrust yourself to the energy, to flow with it. Like that I can continue helping you.

The energies and blockades of the others in the group will not turn to you, you can be sure that I will create an energetic protection for each one and that you will always be protected from the energies of the others.

As long as you are on your own and have enough power, you can handle your daily – or partly prenatal – problems more or less. However, if you interact with a group or separate people, certain people can act like a mirror on you and can cause a theater of different kinds in you. Thus, you feel, for example, unwell, bad, marginalized and alone, perhaps you feel criticized and not understood, not belonging or too much in the middle or the like – in the end, all these perceptions always have to do with your own blockades/karma.

No matter if these perceptions come up when you are at an event or during a common meditation as, for example, the Energy Circle, these phenomena show you that your energy does not flow freely.

It is good that you go to the community, with its help you can build up your energy stronger and it helps you to recognize your own condition. It is comparable to an inspection at the TÜV which shows the current situation and constitution. Even if it is uncomfortable for you, just perceive these findings. They show you your task, the point where work must, should, could continue…

This is the light of the lighthouse which shows you the direction.

Keep patience and quiet and focus your attention on our energetic connection. I will help you to solve these inconveniences in the course of time. See it as an exercise how well you can manage to stay with yourself. It will help you in your daily life in which you are in permanent contact with other people and the environment. Always concentrate on the essence, everything else plays a subordinate role.

These principles can be related to all the offers which are energetically conducted by me and can also be applied to the whole life. If there is a problem with the group or certain persons which you think is difficult to bear, contact the SIFU CENTER, so that I know about it and can possibly correct the energy.