When shall I ask for help?

From my side, you can always ask me for help. I am free and my heart is open for you.
That is my duty.
If you are, as mentioned above, ready and internally free to accept my help, it can happen immediately.
Deep down in your heart you will find this information, this feeling when you need help and it is true. Listen to your inner feeling and decide when it is best for you. You can trust your inner voice.
Generally speaking one can say: once you notice that you may need some help, you should rather follow that feeling up right away than wait and watch the problem getting bigger and bigger. The earlier you become aware of a problem the quicker one can solve it and you have to bear less the discomforts.

Do not worry if you sometimes or even often do not feel DQD. It always takes place and it is a matter of your condition and the level I am working on, whether you become aware of something or not.