FuQi day on 17.03.2020

Dear friends,

Meanwhile, there is also an exceptional situation in our homeland due to the Corona Virus. Many people feel fear and restlessness and are unsettled how to deal with the permanently changing situation.

„A correct insight is crucial these days: Avoid to be in places with many people if possible. Better make contact in other ways, for example, via media or mentally“.

Master Dean Li

In these demanding times, it is so important to keep calm and to stay in harmony. We have to be very mindful with our power, try to keep it and to build it up. For that it is incredibly important that despite all the disturbances through feelings and thoughts to connect well, to remain clear and stay with yourself. 

Unfortunately, this does not work all the time and with everybody. Many people subconsciously are in a shock which was released through the destructive energy of the last days and which flooded the world like a tsunami. This force is like a lever that can bring us out of a more or less healthy state. Master Li compares it with a computer that keeps hanging up or even has crashed completely. He says that as a result, the contact to the own spirit can be disturbed strongly. Then there can be negative and repeated feelings and thoughts. The mass of different and permanently dramatic information can be overwhelming. Ultimately, nobody knows what truly was and is, thus, it is difficult to set a focus on the positive.

„We have to interrupt this process from inside, we have to realign ourselves energetically and make a healing restart.“

Master Dean Li

As you can see, the virus does not only affect the body, but also indirectly acts on our soul and our mind, so that we can feel less joy and gratitude. Especially now we are in need of help and power as a balance to these chaotic circumstances.

As a result of that Master Li wants to help us and give us a FuQi day as a present through his spiritual work. From heart to heart, he wants to support us all, our families, friends, relatives and the whole world – as far as it is possible – in order to restore the important connection to our spirit. Since he believes that we all have to „come back“, at least to the condition which we had before the knowledge of the fast spreading of the virus. Conscious, inner calm and acceptance is so important in order to act with renewed clarity and confidence in the current situation.

The FuQi day will take place on a spiritual level on Tuesday, 17th of March 2020, from 10-21 o’clock. During this time, you can go about your day as normal, but it is important to keep an awareness of the common energy and connection. If the possibilities allow it, you can meditate according to your needs. The participation is free of charge. Registration closes on Monday, 16th of March 2020, at 20 o’ clock.

Master Li will support all the participants the whole Tuesday on a spiritual level from a distance, so that we can – so to speak – „reprogram“ or if possible „reset“. He will transfer energy to everyone, connect and balance our energies.

„We immediately learn how we can cope with problems of this size. 
Together we can save ourselves and our world“.

Master Dean Li

On this site you will find a listing of people through whom you can register for the FuQi day. Simply click on the respective name. Think of your family, friends, relatives etc. It will be good if the participating person – if possible – knowingly takes part in this event, so that the meaning and this common connection can consciously be understand and the person can open up to it.

We are all connected and together – nobody is alone!

Master Li has given some answers to questions relating to the Corona Virus (in German): 

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