New possibilities for healing & education

flag-of-germany-1434477103mVTDear friends of DEAN QIGONG,

lately, there were continually requests if it is possible, to get connected energetically with the healing & education seminar, when one has not the opportunity to participate in person.

Hereupon, the following possibility has been designed:

Anyone who cannot participate the healing & education seminars with Master Li in person, from now on has the chance to participate from afar.
Thanks to the spiritual alliance via Master Li, the energy will reach everyone as intense as it is the case with a personal attendance.

Master Li will work with the energy of the distant participant and will also affiliate it to the collective energy of the group. By this harmonious connection, an energy that fits to the person will unfold. Depending on whether it is possible for that moment or not, you can meditate simultaneous to the seminar times or you can let the exercises flow through you and undergo you during what ever you are up to at the moment.
It is also possible to catch up on the exercises later on at a personally suitable point in time. However, this should take place contemporary, so that it is still roughly in the time frame of the seminar.

You can imagine this like an energetic e-mail or a parcel, which will be sent by Master Li and you can open it when it is personally convenient for you.

In addition, everyone will be updated by the SIFU CENTER, which exercises are currently practiced in the seminar, via text message. Thus, these exercises can be practiced simultaneously or later on, as mentioned above.
If you cannot find the time to practice all of the exercises from the seminar, you should follow your feeling and, from all mentioned exercises, respectively practice those, that seem suitable for that moment.

It is furthermore possible, to send text messages with short and clear experiences and/or questions to the SIFU CENTER and thus to Master Li, in order to also stay in contact to the seminar on that level. Depending on the possibilities, these text messages will be read out and answered officially at the seminar, if it fits in. Is that the case, you will receive the answer via text message.

The seminar fees for the participation from afar are the same as for the participation in person.