About Xiaobao Liu and Uta Devries



We are grateful to Master Dean Li, who initiated and accompanies this project. We contribute to this project by researching and writing about DEAN METHOD as a bridge between modern and ancient culture, and by being in contact with interested readers.

Xiaobao Liu und Uta Devries

Xiaobao Liu und Uta Devries

Xiaobao Liu

from China, Doctor of Optical Physics, mainly study quantum optics and quantum information

I have learnt and practiced DEAN METHOD for more than 10 years, and my family has benefit a lot. I find there is much similarity in worldview that DEAN METHOD and quantum physics suggest. DEAN METHOD practice helps to understand quantum physics theory while the study of quantum physics helps to accept DEAN METHOD application. Study on the close relationship between DEAN METHOD and Quantum physics marvels me and I am willing to share these studies with you. I am pleased to work with Uta on this subject, and hope that this project will bring you happiness.

Uta Devries

from Germany, Doctor of Philosophy

I am a student of Master Dean Li, writing in partnership with SIFU CENTER about DEAN METHOD and mainly ancient culture. Xiaobao’s discoveries on the similarity of DEAN METHOD and quantum physics fascinated me instantly. Modern physics is a new subject for me – so maybe my contributions to this project could serve as an example, how DEAN METHOD can help to easily get to know quantum physics. It’s a great pleasure for me to work together with Xiaobao and I am looking forward to read the results of her research.