Editorial Staff


Xiaobao Liu

from China, Doctor of Optical Physics, mainly study quantum optics and quantum information

I have learnt and practiced DEAN METHOD for more than 10 years, and my family has benefit a lot. I find there is much similarity in worldview that DEAN METHOD and quantum physics suggest. DEAN METHOD practice helps to understand quantum physics theory while the study of quantum physics helps to accept DEAN METHOD application. Study on the close relationship between DEAN METHOD and Quantum physics marvels me and I am willing to share these studies with you. I am pleased to work with Uta and Daosheng in the charge of this subject, and hope that this project will bring you inspiration and happiness.

Daosheng Li

from Germany, Student of TCM

I am a student of Master Dean Li. I was born in China, and raised in Germany. Growing up, I was educated by the ways of the DEAN METHOD. Currently, I am studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China. While studying this unique subject, I also get a deeper understanding of the DEAN METHOD, and hope to share this with everyone. Moreover, I wish to participate to the project of DEAN Bridge as a link between the two countries mentioned before: a connection between the languages as well as the cultures, to enable an even better interaction for everyone. As the „speaker“ of our project, I will represent the different cultures and be the contact person for further questions and suggestions.

Uta Devries

from Germany, Doctor of Philosophy

I am a student of Master Dean Li, writing in partnership with SIFU CENTER about DEAN METHOD and mainly ancient culture. Xiaobao’s discoveries on the similarity of DEAN METHOD and quantum physics fascinated me instantly. Modern physics is a new subject for me – so maybe my contributions to this project could serve as an example, how DEAN METHOD can help to easily get to know quantum physics. It’s a great pleasure for me to work together with Xiaobao and Daosheng and I am looking forward to the further development of DEAN Bridge.