questions and answers

Clarity is very important. In this spirit I want to answer frequently asked questions.

Can you help me?

Yes, I can help you.
For me, all problems and questions are simply energy and information.
They flow and operate through us.
Our frame of mind, physically as well as spiritually, is directly linked to the flow of this energy.
To live a fulfilled and contented life, it is necessary that this energy flows harmoniously.
For most problems there are reasons, which are very old, rigid and hidden.
For you they do not appear in the visible zone anymore, yet they influence your life in its external aspects very much.
That is why your expectations and wishes for solutions are often very strong.
This is humane, normal and understandable.
Replying to your enquiries, I give the very best for everyone without any exception with regard to what is possible and necessary for the moment from the spiritual point of view. That is my duty and my responsibility.

The flow of the energy is fathomless, and so are the accompanying phenomenons to this process not always what you may expect them to be. This is also normal and not always possible to avoid. Even if it might be exhausting for you from time to time, it belongs to and is part of the real path.
It is essential that you accept those settings and incidents, even though you might not understand them for now. My help for your life projects has its greatest effect when you accept it from the bottom of your heart.
I gladly accompany you, if you wish me to do so.
The path itself of course you have to tread and walk all by yourself.

To take some help from me also means that you, as the person seeking help, have to give your very best.
If you come along with a calm heart and with patience and if you listen carefully, the disruptions will minimize and the energy to solve your problems can unfold unhindered and with the pace that is right for the moment.
In other words: I help you so you can help yourself.
That is how a deeply rooted bond arises between us which only needs little or no external contact with me as a person.

When shall I ask for help?

From my side, you can always ask me for help. I am free and my heart is open for you.
That is my duty.
If you are, as mentioned above, ready and internally free to accept my help, it can happen immediately.
Deep down in your heart you will find this information, this feeling when you need help and it is true. Listen to your inner feeling and decide when it is best for you. You can trust your inner voice.
Generally speaking one can say: once you notice that you may need some help, you should rather follow that feeling up right away than wait and watch the problem getting bigger and bigger. The earlier you become aware of a problem the quicker one can solve it and you have to bear less the discomforts.

Do not worry if you sometimes or even often do not feel DQD. It always takes place and it is a matter of your condition and the level I am working on, whether you become aware of something or not.

How often and how long shall I ask for help?

What would you do if I tell you: you need it every day, every hour, lifelong?
Everything has to do with possibilities.
That is why it would be best if you realize and decide yourself on how often, in what kind of an interval and for how long you need that support. You will find that information, that feeling within you and it is true, rely on it.

If the access to these informations is blocked and you do not know how many DQD are good and right for you, then you can pass it on and surrender it to me. I will support you spiritually as best as possible and without time frame.

That also applies to DQD you book for a retreat or the like.
Within agreed and regular intervals, for example one week, you have to ask me how much work in form of DQD I have done and decide on how to proceed further.
In total you should pay attention that you order DQD with a calm heart and without any doubt. This also concerns the material side, which is always connected of it.

I want to order DQD for someone else, what shall I do?

Whether you order DQD for you, another person or animals – the procedure remains the same, as explained above. Listen to your inner voice or let me do it.
It is important to be aware that whoever orders DQD also carries the responsibility for it.
Also so called concealed DQD is possible and is often ordered for children, relatives and friends. That means that you order DQD for someone who, for different reasons, does not know about it.
If there is no time consideration I will always give a suitable DQD.
To avoid any disruption while I am working with a third person it is essential that you order DQD from your pure heart.

Can I myself do something for me? For example press meridian points, sing the sounds for the organs, take herbs and so on?

Yes, you can do that if you already know a lot about it.
Even more, it is very good and important to be able to help yourself.
That is the ambition – a path on which you learn and gain experiences.

Do you still remember what it means to press the meridian points, what it means to sing the sounds for the organs, how it works?
Some report, they are singing and pressing, yet nothing happens, others are successful in doing it.
That has to do with your general state, with your overall life energy.
If you still have enough energy left in favor for it yourself, you can work well with it and increase it further.
If you are momentarily lacking this energy, it is very hard to increase the energy, let it flow and balance the energy simply by mechanically pressing the points.
Once you are already lacking this energy, you, of course, cannot be in contact with it and with the right feeling for it. The same holds true for singing the sounds for the organs, using herbs and so on..

Like the Chinese Medicine teaches us, it is all about acting in a preventive kind of way. If you only ask what you can do for yourself from misery, you have already exhausted your own limits. To then help yourself by pressing the meridien points, singing the sounds for the organs, using herbs or take other methods of assistance is usually already too late.
Eventually, somewhere down your life something inside you got out of balance without you noticing it and has become an unfavorable cycle which should be discontinued, interrupted.
If you did not manage to make an energetically correction in time yourself, you may need some help, if possible.

What meridian may I press, what sounds for the organs sing, what herbs may I take and so on?

If you are still sufficiently flowing in your own vital force, you will notice yourself what is essential and right for this moment.

Follow your own feeling and act accordingly, just try and observe.
Or else you need some help as a start to build up your own energy again so you will regain the own feeling.

How can I retain and build up my energy?

To retain and to build up the own vitality – that is the life’s work par excellence.

What do you think where your life comes from?
All life is coming from some origin.
Depending on what you think and believe in, the view differentiates on how your life began: physically as an human being or as a spiritual being.

Whatever may be your point of view, the moment you come into life your life energy also comes along with it and enables you to live.
The energy for the physical body is like the assets on a savings account given to you for your life’s journey. Every single one gets his own amount of energy which is being determined by prenatal developments.
Usually, these assets of energy are completely sufficient to enable a human being to live his life well.

So why do all these problems, which gradually or even suddenly throw you off course and turn your life upside down, arise sooner or later?

The reason is obvious: you more or less lost your life energy.
During the course of your life these “assets” on your life energy’s savings account are normally being used up naturally and are being adapted to your age.
If your “assets” have been spent too quickly and ahead of time instead of retaining and increasing it, what is left may not be sufficient for you to lead your life with contentment and develop further.

Therefore, it is very important and essential to preserve this invisible treasure inside yourself and it is advisable to increase it for your own development during your life out of a deeper meaning.

You are losing your energy due to an increasing imbalance between your three appearances – body, soul and spirit.

It is very advisable to not exceed your own limits on all three levels. These limits correspond to the amount of energy given to you at the beginning of your life.

If the harmonious flow continues between these three energetic spheres you will not lose your life energy and it will be preserved.

That balance can only be maintained or established when you stay calm.

This way the energy will not get lost and you can start to balance it on another level. That means to increase and enlarge your energy in order to develop your life and yourself further and to deepen the quality of your life.

If for you the stabilisation, the continuous flow between your three levels of existence and with it the maintenance of your life energy is not adequately maintained any more, you need some help as a start. In this case you should not wait for too long.

I get DQD but I do not notice any change at the moment. What is the reason for that?

First, it is important to know that this perception is common and okay.
The main reasons for this are the size of your problem, your present state of energy and the level I have worked on.
You should empathise in yourself: how big is my problem – can I imagine its size? Can I also feel how much energy I have?

What does a problem mean and what makes up its size?
The term “problem” describes a sort of disruption, a blockage which comes either from your inside, from the outside or from both sites.
This disruption you notice is only the surface of a mountain that is still invisible for you.

Imagine an iceberg from which you and I take off the peak. Straight below, there is already a new, deeper layer coming up to the surface as a new peak. That happens as long as the whole iceberg is dissipated…
That is why it may happen that you do not notice any change at the moment. Or else, a new obstruction surfaced and still blocks your flow of energy.

To initiate a change, your blocked and impure energy needs at least an equally sized mountain of new and pure energy.

Often it is also the case, that I first have to clear the way energetically, before I can work with the actual origins of your problems.

Do not worry, I am helping you so you can dissipate your mountain – that is my duty.
The concrete concern with which you came to me can be solved sooner or later, depending on the extent and possibility.

What does it mean to you, when you say that in your opinion no changes occur?
All over this world there is no standstill – everything changes continuously. Maybe you should rather ask yourself, whether your problems or your state of mind have changed by now, but not as much as you have wished for or imagined.
Feel deeply inside yourself and observe what changes in you at the moment. The changes often take place inside you and are not always straight away visible on the outside.

The only important part of it is, that you keep up the connection to the true origin via myself and practice. Whenever necessary, you should get some support through me so that our connection becomes stronger.
Thereby, your whole energy automatically starts to flow on the bodily, mental and spiritual level and shows you bit by bit, what blockages you still carry with you.

Spiritual work is a process, a project. It is a misbelief to assume that such a project can be completed immediately. Although, sometimes that may also be possible.

A big part of the troubles, you bring along with the prenatal energy. There has accumulated a lot which has not been solved, not brought back into balance.

Thus, if nothing changes or not as much as you had wished for, it has to do with your karma. To get good and new energy does not mean that everything changes directly and resolves. Only when you change and solve your karma, your whole state and your problems can change as well. Trough our connection, I am helping you so that you are able to solve your karma.

Practice yourself in patience. The feeling and the thoughts, that nothing changes at the moment, do not bring a solution to it.

The calmer you stay internally, the better the energy can flow. This way you can also observe the process differently and you are able to get in touch with it more deeply. Over time you will get the energy and clarity to examine the whole from a bird’s-eye view.
It is comparable to a highway, on which the surrounding landscape does not change a lot. Examined from above it is easy to recognise, that you are already far away from your starting point and that a lot has changed already.

That also applies when you visit seminars, practice etc. and, in your opinion, notice too little change.