Message for the healing & education seminar September 2016

flag-of-germany-1434477103mVTSeptember 2016 is coming soon, another great chance for education and healing.

The key to all problems is harmony.

Thus how do you get to this harmony? The base to this is a real inner calmness, which you have to let come to you. The outside flow is the counterpart to it. When you come to rest on the inside and it flows on the outside, then you are in unison, in harmony. It has to be a good interplay of both of them.

How do you achieve this interplay? That depends on your energy. It is a real skill how to handle that energy.

This time, you will learn how to do this at education and healing.

When you solve a part of the problem for the moment, you collect experiences for the future to solve more and so forth.

When you are able to manage that well and stay clear, the joy of life continues to rise again.

The clarity in doing so has to do with the connection of the internal and external. It cannot be separated, both sides belong together.

It is my duty to help you with both of these concerns.

See you soon