IAM – Individual Advancement with Master (EN)

Master without limits – DEAN METHOD without limits – You without limits.

The traditional, personal relationship between a Master and his student as well as help seeking people is a form that has always existed. Still, it is very much desired and sought-after from many people. The opportunity, to get in touch with a Master personally, is not easy to find although the demand is always huge.

Master Li too has always noticed this requirement and did his very best to fulfill this desire. Like the run of events, life develops further, some doors shut and others do open up elsewhere – a continuous, flowing change…

In this spirit, it is our greatest pleasure to let you know that now there has arisen a new chance to personally and individually get in contact with Master Li. Like Master Li likes to say: Heaven, Earth and man are now in unison for this purpose.

It is about a new dimension of the relationship between Master Li and you: individual education, healing, advancement and dissolution of karma thanks to this immediate and deep connection.
This newly developed level is called IAM – Individual Advancement with Master.

IAM is something very exceptional and precious where the limits disappear in the depth and where a kind of spiritual amalgamation happens between you and Master Li.

The content-related fundament of IAM is the teachings of the DEAN METHOD and the original Chinese Medicine. This knowledge can be personally conveyed to you irrespective of time and duration. The volume and the depth of the conveyed knowledge depend on how often you take part in IAM and how far you can open your heart for this spiritual contact.
There is no content-related order as Master Li will always choose the topic that is appropriate for the moment or a topic that you wish for.

As a characteristic, individual advancement is possible, like for example healing, dissolution of karma and primarily the support find your origin and your unique talent.
Sometimes, depending on the possibilities, all this can also occur immediately, like a quantum jump.
In the time of event, Master Li will decide individually in what form the education will take place.
With his work, it is about the inside which will reach everyone irrespective of its external form.

He will always give to you what you need on the different levels: bodily, mentally and spiritually – private, familial or on business.

In a similar way, master Li was taught himself when he accompanied a wandering Master since he was a child.

IAM goes beyond the generally known possibilities and blows up all common boundaries. It differs essentially from the known practices.
It brings great requestments with itself in terms of spontaneity, flexibility, tolerance and freedom. Your temporal and material possibilities should also be articulated.
Master Li gives you a perspective to surpass yourself. How far you can and want to overcome the common boundaries, you can decide newly every time.

Master without limits with the DEAN METHOD without limits for you without limits. Truly and holistic.

As many of you already know, Master Li follows the flow of the energy perennially – at the internal level as well as at the external level.
As soon as he views that it is now possible to welcome you personally, it will be published on the Website www.sifu-center.com – irrespective of where in the world he is and where he can offer IAM.

Depending on which options reveal themselves from Master Li’s and from your side for the moment, you can stay with him for different time periods – from half an hour up to several days.
The time will be agreed individually in advance and can be adapted to the flow of energy as needed locally.
It is also possible, that Master Li will receive several people at once if he senses it to be suitable for the moment. The individual relationship and direct work is assured in this close, private cycle.

IAM is neither bound to age nor to any other formalities. Already children can participate in IAM,  their parents are responsible for its realization and company, if necessary.

IAM is temporary indefinite, that means you can make only once or, depending on the circumstances, now and then when it is suitable for you.
The deeper you go, the more you learn to understand and change your own destiny in addition to the imparted knowledge of the DEAN METHOD and the original Chinese Medicine.

You can imagine this contact to Master Li like taking a bath in a clear source of energy: the longer and oftener you bath in it, the purer and internally stronger you will become over time…

The effect of this energy will be maintained after the personal meeting and continuous to unfold further. So that this proceeds well in everyday-life, IAM offers a continuing supervision on demand. This way you stay in contact with Master Li and he can continue to observe your energy, correct it and suggest the next steps. This possibility will be calculated on an extra basis and also individually.

You will find the current informations concerning the place and the possible time-frame for the next spontaneous opportunity to take place on this homepage under „Leistungen“ under the category IAM.
For the journey, the accommodation and provisions you will take care yourself. In case you should need concrete tips you can write an e-mail to iam(a)sifu-center.com.

Only to a precise request, the financial trade-off for Master Li’s work will be communicated via the above-named e-mail address.
The informations on this can not be given beforehand but only when the place and effort are very clear.
The modalities are always to be understood individually, because it is composed of different factors such as place, time-frame, volume and depth of your personal concern.

As soon as the next possibility for IAM is published, you can contact iam(a)sifu-center.com for a precise inquiry. Here you can also get in touch with us for further information.

As IAM is very lively, its form can be adapted or expanded over time. This will of course be published.