25. March 2020

Retreat Healing & Education 2020:
For a true life in harmony with your self

Our world: nature and society, all, what we see and perceive is only a mirror image of the creative energy on a spiritual level. Here, you can find the origin of all in a glowing harmony.
The flora and fauna are a clear reflection of that: If it is left to itself, nature regulates itself alone and thus stays in balance with the cosmos.

For us humans, the picture looks somewhat different: Imagine you are viewing yourself from the perspective of your spirit in a room full of curved mirrors. What you see are the distortions and not a real truth of yourself. These unevenness and cloudiness were caused by disturbances of own and foreign thoughts, too strong emotions and inappropriate actions from the past and the present time. As curvatures of your souls, they impair the connection to your true self, the original – your own spirit.

It is so important to heal all the souls. At the beginning of the path, it is necessary to first identify the disturbances and get to the bottom of them. Thus, the possibility can arise to become a clear image of the spiritual again, pure consciousness.

The earthly life of a person can only be like his spiritual life, if he lives virtuously out of compassion and understanding towards himself and his environment.

Unfortunately, these permanent disturbances have repeatedly caused and are causing strong fluctuations in the balance throughout human history. Some can show up as armed conflicts or in addictions and epidemics of all kinds, just like now.

It leaves us speechless what is happening all over the world right now. When the worldly visible suddenly no longer functions as usual – how do you deal with it when our world is threatened to be breaking up and going under?

You can see how dangerous the virus can be for our lives and what other consequences can result from that. It is not only that your own life can end prematurely, also, the life of those who are still healthy, is disturbed. The increased avoidance of direct contact with one another, as well as the isolation in everyday life cause even more insecurity and many lack a certain ability to act in dealing with such a force of nature. All of this causes further weakenings, both personally and economically, individually and globally.

Think of all of humanity as a human being, a single organism made up of about seven and a half billion individual “cells”. Then you can clearly see how the corona virus forces all of humanity to come to a rest. A stop for an unpredicted time.
Can you stand this standstill and these demarcations?
Is humanity prepared for such an abrupt break?

Despite and especially in this challenging time full of fears and unrest, there are good opportunities for individual and collective development – if you learn to understand the events from a different perspective, to recognize the backgrounds and to deal with them. First of all, I can only recommend you to continue to stay in good contact with the spirit.

Fortunately – many of you have already practiced well and understood through the DEAN method what the invisible means for life, how it works and how to deal with insecure situations.
A clear example of this is your experience with DQDs. Nobody has to see or speak to me, but it works very clearly and truthfully. I connect you individually and personally with your pure origin, unlimited with the whole, of which you are an inseparable part. That alone means being happy.

Now the new reality shows us what can happen anytime and anywhere when direct contact is no longer desirable or even impossible. From this, each of you can see how valuable our exercises and our method are for now and the future. We do not always have to be physically here or there, we are present everywhere and at the same time through our spirit and connected to each other.

Preparation is always very good and very important – but it is now all the more urgent to apply your knowledge immediately, to develop yourself further and to deepen this together with the exercises in the retreat, which started prematurely due to the current situation.

It is about taking the energy exchange to another level and transforming it. All together – because we are all reflections of each other. Some of what you see in others, you are yourself and vice versa – even if it can be uncomfortable. You need each other to realize that what you see is not always you, but only these distortions. You need each other so that one can help the other to find the true self in yourself and the other.

In this time of uncertainty and silent threat, we all have to pull together and be there internally for each other to finally emerge from this great trial with matured strength.
We can actually learn a lot from the virus: its adaptability is the key to a strong survival force. A great example for us to adapt to changing realities and stay true to our true nature. The best protective measure in a situation of this kind would be: On the outside perhaps be more apart – however, inside be closer with one another and with your own spirit.

The energy that we are building up together in the Healing & Education 2020 retreat is a highly vibrating and precious force. This powerful field will allow every participant, whether from a distance or directly, to go through their own ascent more easily and quickly – provided you want it and let it happen.
Try to remain calm, respectful and in peaceful awe.
For the time being, accept all circumstances and conditions – everything will sort itself out.
I will help you directly, also through Daoming and the partners.
This is an opportunity for development and healing at the highest level.

The time will soon come and Healing & Education 2020 will take place. But you have certainly not forgotten what you have experienced in the summer of 2019. Feel what changes and developments you have noticed so far. Everyone can already prepare something and think about how he can get this information, this energy flowing and in the exchange with the others. This will continue to be built on and together you will continue to learn for the next year 2021.

All of these are just a lot of words, feel the energy behind them….

Your Dean Li